M of N Vapors in Lodi Wi, was started, in Feb of 2016, out of a passion for being tobacco free and in May of 2017 expanded to a second location in Baraboo Wi. In November of 2017 opened a 3rd store in Reedsburg, Wi, and in May of 2018 opened another store in Sun Prairie, Wi.

  David McMurray is the owner and had been a tobacco user for over 40 years. In his own words “I had tried to quit over 100 times and failed over 100 times. I picked up a starter kit and quit in 2 days.” That was in 2015.

  Dave was intrigued as to why this worked when all other attempts had failed and read everything he could find ( mostly on-line ). He found that there are a number of “habits” with smoking, packing the cigarettes prior to opening, unwrapping the package, that first hit, the inhale, the exhale, the hand to mouth, the ashing, the extinguishing. In researching this he realized that the exhale was his “favorite” habit of smoking. Needless to say, vaping fulfilled that habit quite nicely.

  In researching this he came to realize that the only addictive part of tobacco smoking was the nicotine, which can be provided in a vapor e-liquid. Furthermore, he quickly realized that he was quite satisfied with lower nicotine levels as time passed and that most Vapers tend to reduce their nicotine intake as well.

  So now being Tar and Carcinogen free he wanted to share this knowledge with all tobacco users, but knowing that while he partook in tobacco and others tried telling him to quit he found their “goodwill” to be invasive.

  That is when he decided to open a shop, that way he would be sharing knowledge with others that wanted to be tobacco free as well. His goal was to provide information to the person that was ready to take that first step into the vaping world. To teach them how the device works as well as what is in the e-juice. To provide quality service that encourages the beginner to ask questions, and that the experienced vaper can share the knowledge that they have with the customers and staff.

  To have quality equipment and a wide variety of flavor choices at a fair price.

  To be a Vape Shop you can count on.

  To be the Vapor Store you tell your friends about.

  To be the Vape Store near you that has "All Your Vaping Needs". Mods, Batteries, Coils, Cotton, Drip Tips and Chargers.

  To be the Vapor Shop near you that carries a great selection of e-juices and e-liquids. High quality, great tasting and ever changing variety.


M of N Vapors, LLC

830 HWY 136, STE #5, Baraboo WI 53913

Office: 1-608-678-2321

Email: dave@mofnvapors.com

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